How do I get to Garden City Mall from Nairobi CBD?

Garden City Mall is located along Thika Road opposite Homeland Inn and Quiver Lounge. From Bus Station, BS If you are on the BS side, go to Ronald Ngala St. and board Githurai 45 buses available along the street. Common buses include Nicco Movers, Virginia Coach, ZamZam, and others. You can board any bus heading … Continue reading How do I get to Garden City Mall from Nairobi CBD?

Social Media as a Threat to Democracy

Social media threatens democracy in multiple ways. First, it spreads misinformation, amplifying illiberal agendas. Social media networks such as Facebook and YouTube are full of far-left and far-right commentators sharing narrow-minded views. Many people are gullible and blindly listen to these hosts, resulting in millions following a populist wave without regard to democracy and the … Continue reading Social Media as a Threat to Democracy

Should there be Limitations Applied to Paparazzi?

A paparazzi is a freelance photographer who follows famous people to take pictures or videos. They sell those photographs to tabloids, celebrity gossip websites, and media companies. Paparazzi accost celebrities, aiming to capture a controversial moment or an exciting picture. The job offers easy money, and in the present digital world, more individuals are venturing … Continue reading Should there be Limitations Applied to Paparazzi?

Causes of Medical Errors

Poor communication Communication breakdowns contribute to medical errors. Communication is vital because it facilitates coordination among doctors, nurses, patients, and families. Each party plays an integral part in realizing health outcomes, and failure to incorporate their input is detrimental. For example, inadequate communication between healthcare providers and patients and their families might result in an … Continue reading Causes of Medical Errors

How to Solve Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Honesty versus withholding information dilemma. The solution to this dilemma involves telling the truth. The nonmaleficence and fidelity principles mandate nurses to tell the truth. Nurses are obliged to disclose all medical information to a patient to maintain sound nurse-patient relationships. Withholding medical information is against patients’ rights. Telling the truth helps nurses avoid violating patients’ … Continue reading How to Solve Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Ethical dilemmas are frequent in the nursing field. They include, one, understaffing. An inadequate workforce raises a dilemma among nurses and nurse managers. It forces nurse managers to choose which patients to receive immediate care and those to wait. Due to staffing challenges, the available nurses must decide whether to continue working under pressure and … Continue reading Ethical Dilemmas in Nursing

Peculiarities of Medical Home Services

The medical home care model is patient-centered. It emphasizes relationship-based care and involves healthcare providers, patients, and families. The partnership requires practitioners to understand and respect each patient’s needs, cultural values, and preferences. Medical home services encompass educating and supporting patients, helping them play a direct role in their care. Medical home practice recognizes that … Continue reading Peculiarities of Medical Home Services

Benefits of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)

Electronic health records minimize medical errors. EHRs are reliable than paper records in many ways. For example, illegible or poor handwriting in paper records is prone to misinterpretation, resulting in serious mistakes. EHRs eliminate medication errors by providing a clear description of a patient’s health status, diagnosis, and prescriptions. The technology has significantly reduced errors … Continue reading Benefits of Electronic Health Records (EHRs)