The Body Under the Bed

Like many young people, after completing higher education, I moved to Nairobi to look for employment opportunities. I did not land a job immediately and would spend hours each day moving from one company and factory to another. I did not have much money, and to prevent depleting the limited savings I had, I would walk from one location to the next. After hours of walking, I would reach a point where I could not walk any longer, and in such a situation, I retreated to Uhuru Park, where I would lay till evening. In the evenings, I would walk together with those leaving work, especially from Upper Hill. My neighbor from home was hosting me. He is a great person, and I am grateful to him because he did not require me to pay rent.


I was getting frustrated and disappointed because I was not getting any callbacks or emails. However, three months into the struggle, I received a call from a beer company, asking whether I would be interested in a delivery job. Driving was among the skills in my resume, and the beer company was looking for a delivery driver within the Nairobi metropolitan. I gladly informed them I am interested, and four days later, I was making beer deliveries.

Good life

The company was paying me well, and since I remained at my friend’s house for a while, I was saving a lot. I later moved into my place along Thika Road. During the first year working as a delivery driver, I had accumulated enough money to build my mother a modern timber house. Life was good, and I was making significant transformations back at my rural home.

Love interests

In my third year in the city, I had moved up in Maslow’s hierarchy and was looking to satisfy entertainment and relationship needs. I was in a club on Park road when I meet this lady. She was gorgeous, baby face, athletic body, lovely hips, rational conversation…… she had everything a man would want. I would get a boner every time our eyes meet. We started getting acquitted, and a few months later, we were going on dates and spending time together.

The invite

As time went by, we were very close, and the girl invited me to spend a night at her apartment in an estate I won’t disclose. I had never been into her place. In my community, there is a saying that goes, “stay away from a house that you do not pay rent.” I have always abided by this unwritten rule, but on this particular day, I lowered my guard. The girl looked too innocent and genuine to lie or plan something fishy.

The midnight knock

It was half-past midnight when someone knocked on the door, and my host calmly went to open it as if she was expecting someone. I was a little bit drunk but knew something was not right. I peeked through the sitting room door and noticed two men about to enter the house, the door curtain was long, covering them from the waist up. I took the opportunity to dash into the bedroom, where I hid underneath the bed. I did not have a plan. The little light from the neighboring buildings helped me locate the bed; I entered through the bottom side. Once under the bed, I could feel something in front of me but did not think much of it.

I thought that the two men and the lady were going to the sitting room, which is why I escaped into the bedroom. However, they came straight to the bedroom. They switched the lights on, and that is when it dawned to me what was beside me. I could see a human silhouette, and I did not need a mortician to know it was a body; it was motionless. I heard the lady say, “ako apo chini,” “he is down there.” One man bent down and pulled the “body” by the left hand. Once they removed him, they did not check further but proceeded to pull him toward the hallway. I guess the lady thought I was still in the sitting room.

Several minutes later, the trio left the apartment and walked down the stairs into the ground floor. I could hear the disappearing movements. At that moment, my knees and toes were shaking uncontrollably; my mouth was full of warm saliva; I could feel my heart in my mouth. I wanted to get out under the bed and leave, but my body was not cooperating. I was paralyzed for like 30 seconds; I could not move. However, I regained my strength and walked to the balcony through the kitchen. I did not care about the door sound. The apartment was on the first floor, and I managed to jump on top of a Toyota Noah parked outside. My legs were feeble, but I tried to run as much as I could. I did not have my shoes, only socks. I found a motorcycle guy who got me out of the estate and into my place.

What next

I am paranoid; I am too cautious. A lot was going through my mind. Maybe I have witnessed something that may get me killed. But she did not know I saw anything. Why did you run away then? What if she was planning to kill you too, like the guy under the bed? But for what reasons? I was not hanging around to see the outcomes. I am too valuable to my family; I cannot get myself killed. I switched off my phone and destroyed the sim card. The following day, I went into a store that buys and sells second-hand items, where I sold all my household goods. I gave my caretaker the goods that I could not sell. Once I had cleared everything, I left the city and moved into a remote town. I left behind the delivery job and the good city life, just as I was starting to enjoy.

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