Describe Moving to a New City

Since childhood, I admired city life, and after completing school, I moved to XYZ city to start my career. My university was located in a small town with approximately 500,000 people, including students. Therefore, it was a significant transformation when I moved into XYZ city with more than five million people. The buildings are taller than those in my hometown or where I attended university. People in XYZ city are always busy and do not seem to notice or care about others.

I moved to XYZ city to work as an accountant in an energy company. I meet different types of coworkers, including those who are social and willing to show you around and those who do not want to speak to you and use a condescending tone when addressing you. Nevertheless, the workplace is excellent. The energy company is located a kilometer outside the city center, and I couldn’t believe I was working in those high-rise buildings. I have watched multiple videos showing people entering and leaving sky-rise official buildings, wearing suits and ties. I admired that lifestyle, and working at the energy company allowed me to realize my dream.

When I relocated to XYZ city, I embarked on a mission to search and rent an apartment. The city has many neighborhoods and choosing one over the other depends on cost, recreational services, space, and access to public transportation. I was stunned by how expensive apartments were. The cost of a two-bedroom apartment in the city is equivalent to a four-bedroom house back home. I settled for a one-bedroom apartment in an estate 15 kilometers from the city center. The place was somehow expensive, but the subway station was few meters away. The short distance to the metro station eased my commute to and from work.

I was lonely when I first arrived at XYZ city. The city may have millions of people, but I felt unnoticed and isolated. People behaved like robots. For example, commuters sat or stood quietly on the train and only responded to train announcements and signs. No one cared to look or talk to a fellow commuter. It was a strange and eerie experience for me. With time, I managed to make friends, and I no longer feel lonely and isolated. At least multiple people in the city know I exist.

I have watched, listened to, and read horror stories and crimes happening in large cities. When I relocated to XYZ city, I was aware not to trust everyone and to conduct due diligence on who I welcome into my life. However, the city turned to be very safe, and crimes were few and distant.

Moving to XYZ city exposed me to different cultures and lifestyles. For example, the city has restaurants serving international dishes, including Chinese, Thai, African, and Indian foods. International foods were rare in my hometown and where I attended campus, and I am glad I discovered them in the city. The food is exceptionally delicious and healthy, depending on the selection. Moving to XYZ city allowed me to attend cultural festivals and interact with people from different nationalities, races, and ethnicities. The exposure has equipped me with interpersonal skills and cultural sensitivity to live in other cities and countries.

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