What Technology has been the Most Influential in Your Life?

Students are often asked to write an admission essay on the most influential technology or technologies in their life. Below is a sample.

The technologies that have been most influential in my life are the smartphone and the internet. I use my smartphone to communicate with family, friends, and colleagues. The gadget allows me to video call relatives and close friends regardless of time and distance. I use my smartphone daily and cannot imagine living without it; it would be impossible to link with those close to me. Moreover, my smartphone is a vital work tool as it allows me to access the company website, log into the employee portal, and complete job tasks remotely. Smartphone technology has improved efficiency and productivity in the workplace.

Smartphone technology has significantly influenced my student life. The gadget is integral in school as it allows learners to access school timetables, programs, and exam results. My smartphone helps me attend lessons on time and share study materials with classmates. I do not need to go to the library to locate reading materials because I can use my smartphone to retrieve electronic books and save time. Smartphone technology has made reading fun and enjoyable. During the pandemic year, smartphones and internet access facilitated online learning by enabling students to study from home. The technologies have been impactful and influential to educators and learners.

Furthermore, smartphone technology and the internet have influenced how I consume news and information. In the past, I watched television or listened to the radio to receive news. However, technological inventions, including social media and smartphones, allowed me to receive news direct into my phone at any time and location.  Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do is open the Twitter app on my smartphone and read what is happening worldwide. I no longer listen to the radio or watch television. Nowadays, smartphone and social media technologies are part of my life.

Smartphone technology has been influential in my life because it is my primary entertainment source. I use my smartphone to access entertainment channels on YouTube, Tiktok, Reddit, Instagram, and other online platforms. Whenever I am bored and tired, I watch videos and memes on the phone, improving my mood. Without a smartphone, my life would feel empty, especially when alone and bored. Unlike television shows and movies, entertainment through the smartphone is short and less time-consuming.

Smartphone technology has influenced my life by transforming how I buy goods and receive payment. Money exchange is a routine practice whether a person is paying for goods or accepting payment. Mobile payment apps allow me to purchase goods online and in brick-and-mortar stores without carrying cash. Smartphone technology has significantly influenced my life in that I rarely use cash or cards to make payments. Mobile payment apps are efficient, secure, and easy to use. Moreover, my smartphone allows me to receive money from someone in another country or continent within minutes.

Smartphone has been the most influential technology in my life, and it is like an extension to my body. I feel incomplete whenever I touch my pockets and realize I do not have my smartphone with me. I always carry my phone because it gives me instant access to my family, work, school, and finances. It is a simple gadget but serves multiple purposes, making life easy.

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