Should Africans Get the COVID-19 Vaccine?

Getting a vaccine is a personal choice, and it was not a debatable subject until recent times. In my early years, I received at least three vaccines to protect me against measles, tetanus, and tuberculosis. All the people in my area have received those vaccines, and to date, they take infants and children to get vaccines without questioning whether they should or should not.

However, the conspiracy theories associated with the ongoing pandemic have caused millions to question the Covid-19 vaccine. Nevertheless, Africans should receive the vaccine to strengthen their immune system and protect themselves against the coronavirus. The vaccine helps keep humans safe, the same way the multiple vaccines we have received protect us against measles, tetanus, tuberculosis, and other illnesses.


Like many in the West, some Africans are skeptical about the whole pandemic situation and the vaccine. A section believes Covid-19 is fake, and governments should allow people to resume their everyday lives like nothing has happened. Others view the pandemic and the vaccine as a biological weapon developed by billionaires to eliminate the poor, especially Africans. Such assumptions and theories have caused people to refuse vaccines and oppose government guidelines, including mask mandates.

Anti-vaxxers are promoting a narrative that the COVID-19 vaccine is harmful and aims to kill people. The narrative started in the U.S, but many Africans have bought it. Who believes that people will receive the vaccine and start dropping dead in millions? When you ask an African anti-vaxxer why they do not want the vaccine, most will give you reasons engineered by QAnon, meaning that they are just jumping to the tune without thinking independently.

Do not worry, Africa

Just as is the case in many situations, Africa “eats when everyone else has eaten”. The continent will receive the vaccines in abundance one or two years after the rest of the world is vaccinated. So, to African vaccine skeptics, you will have enough time to know whether the Covid-19 vaccine makes people drop dead. Pray and hope you do not contract the virus before then because you might never see how the situation unfolds. If some billionaires wanted poor Africans dead, as some claim, they would probably have started with the current vaccines and medications we import from the West.

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