Boys Grope a Girl

Back in primary school days, we did not know better about wrongs and rights. We engaged in inappropriate activities, but the parents, teachers, and society often put us on the line to ensure we do not become irresponsible and immoral adults.

The story I am about to tell you happened when I was in primary school. When leaving school in the evenings, we would walk home in groups based on where we lived. Our group constituted both boys and girls. Our walk was slow because we would stop to do different stuff like plucking wild fruits, playing games, or watching farm machinery at work. It was interesting to watch a tractor plow the land or a combined harvester cut the wheat.

Inappropriate Behavior

Small fights, insults, and damaging each other property occurred once in a while. However, on this one day, some of the boys closed a line. We did not know about consent back then, and we were even not allowed to consider such subjects. Certain boys on the group had a crush on one girl, and they decided to grope her on our way home, attracting others to join too; I did not. The rest of us, including the other girls, just watched, but we did not think much about it. I was aware it was not right, and it was inappropriate to grope someone, but I did not overthink it. We split up where we often did, and each went to their homes.

Following Day

The girl informed her mother what had transpired, and the following day the mum came to school to report the matter. It was during a lesson when the class teacher stormed the class and called our names. I did not know what was happening, but I realized that the names were those of the boys I walk home with, including mine.

Headmaster Office 

When we got into the headmaster’s office, the victim, her mother, and the headmaster were waiting. The class teacher commanded us to kneel, us he read our groping charges. Although I was present when the groping happened, I did not participate and pleaded with the class teacher that I was innocent. He heard none, but the victim’s testimony proved my innocence. We were ordered to move to the staffroom where other teachers were waiting. At this time, the victim was dismissed to class while her mother went home, leaving the teachers to deal with us.


The teachers ordered us to strip in the staffroom, stating they want to see those tiny d**ks that were making us go wild. While the rest of the boys were stripping, I was pleading again with the class teacher reminding him I was not involved and even the victim has said so. I guess he had forgotten the testimony. After a tearful plea, I was let go before I could strip.

What happened?

The boys joined the class later, and by the look on their faces, they had gone through a lot. Later in the evening, they informed me how the teachers made fun of them as they stood naked. They were also caned on the buttocks while naked. Overall, they had learned that you do not go around groping girls. They learned a lesson the hard way.

The punishment might seem severe, but it instilled lifetime moral discipline. That was a long time ago, and things were done differently. In this day and age, teachers cannot ask students to strip; it would account for sexual assault.