What makes you the Best Candidate for the New Grad RN Residency/Internship Program?

Healthcare organizations require potential RN residency program candidates to answer specific questions or write an admission essay. The responses allow institutions to learn about a graduate, including the traits that make one the best candidate. Below is an example of an admission essay for a new graduate RN residency or internship program. The paper answers the question of what makes one the best candidate for the program.

Photo source (https://www.chihealth.com/en/academics/academic-programs/nurse-residency.html)

I am the best candidate for the RN residency program for several reasons. First, I developed a passion for nursing from an early age and viewed the profession as a calling rather than a career. Since high school, I have offered to volunteer in nursing homes and children’s hospitals. An RN internship program would enable me to transform my childhood passion into a profession.

Second, my goal is to acquire advanced nursing skills and experience, and an RN residency program supports such personal and career goals. My nursing passion does not mean I can start practicing and caring for patients unsupervised. I need the program to learn from experienced professionals and acquire the skillset to excel in the nursing field. The program will equip me with the knowledge I need to positively change society by saving lives, caring for the sick, and providing emotional support to patients or their families. The RN residency internship offers me an opportunity to become complete and distinguished nursing professional.

Moreover, my traits render me a suitable candidate for the RN internship program. The qualities include good communication, team player, leadership, empathy and compassion, and eagerness to learn. Good communication is vital in nursing, both with colleagues and patients. It allows a clinician to communicate with patients, understand their needs, and foster better outcomes. Furthermore, good communication and teamwork help clinicians achieve better results by preventing medical errors and developing solutions based on individual patient needs. A person with these traits stands to benefit most from the RN residency program, making me the best candidate for the position.

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