Why Guns should be Banned

The gun debate is a divisive and contentious one. Gun advocates believe that guns make us safer by empowering individuals to protect themselves and their property. Based on this assumption, each person should own a firearm to ensure safety is guaranteed. On the other hand, gun critics argue that firearms promote violence, and governments should … Continue reading Why Guns should be Banned

How Social Media Fuels the Economy

Social media boosts the tourism and hospitality sector. Social media networks, including YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook, are full of travel content creators documenting their experiences around the world. The videos, blogs, and photographs they upload encourage people to visit a particular country, site, or hotel. Some countries’ tourism industry peaked because a vlogger showed the … Continue reading How Social Media Fuels the Economy

How Divorce Affects Children

Divorce affects children’s social development. Children going through a divorce often isolate themselves to avoid conversations. They feel embarrassed and ashamed that their parents could not stay together while their peer’s parents are happy together. The affected children have fewer social contacts at school to help hide the split happening at home. Once parents are … Continue reading How Divorce Affects Children

The Impact of Technology on Football

The video assistant referee (VAR) technology has brought positive changes in football. It promotes fairness by allowing referees to check serious fouls and events before making critical decisions, such as sending out a player or awarding a penalty. In the past, innocent players wrongly received a red card because the referee did not clearly see … Continue reading The Impact of Technology on Football

Describe a Situation where You or Someone Else was not Being Treated Fairly

One situation where I saw someone treated unfairly was in a bank. I had gone to deposit money in my parent’s account, and in the bank was a queue. I joined the line and in front of me was an older man probably in his 70s. When it was his turn at the counter, the … Continue reading Describe a Situation where You or Someone Else was not Being Treated Fairly

Social and Economic Costs of Unemployment

Unemployment contributes to extreme poverty and homelessness. Lack of income due to joblessness exposes people to financial challenges as they strive to meet living expenses with no pay. Although governments provide unemployment benefits, such support is not sufficient to sustain a household. After depleting borrowed money, an unemployed person may make sacrifices such as selling … Continue reading Social and Economic Costs of Unemployment